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May 18, 2020
All Brand Messaging Requires a Re-Think Right Now
All 2020 bets are off. Earlier projections are out the window. There are more questions than answers.
A Glass Half-Full We’ve had to adjust quickly to ensure our clients’ messaging is hyper-relevant to what audiences care about now. That encompasses a wide range of strategy, from brand promise to website to social media presence. Because we all need new marketing and digital strategies until the day we can safely say “post-COVID-19,” we’ve thought long and hard about how we can best support you in this interim period.
20/20 Vision A decade has come and gone since we founded Spritz at the peak of an earlier recession, so uncertainty is in our DNA. We’ve bundled up the best of what we’ve learned into two easy-to-digest, affordable recovery packages to help your brand to look, sound, and feel the very best it can be right now. We’re excited to connect with you to give your brand a splash of Spritz! Beth Schnitzer and Raghu Shivaram Co-Founders, Spritz
Beyond The Bandaid
Does your website display a Coronavirus banner?
Has it been there since March or April? Whatever your Bandaid communications solution, when you’re ready to relaunch your digital strategy, you’ll need an affordable and effective solution.
Here’s How We Can Help. We’ve got bundled solutions so you won’t spend a bundle.
Bundle 1 Your Basic
14-21 Days
What’s Included? The basics you need to renew your verbal and visual messaging, including website, images, social media and email. Reconnect with your audiences, find new customers and refresh to reflect your brand's "new normal."
Yes, Help Me Reset My Brand
Bundle 2 Your Recharge /
60-90 Days
What’s Included? Your website is the front door to your brand. Refresh it now to match your latest products and services, align brand promise to match customer expectations. Our services cover brand positioning, content creation, imagery solutions, email marketing, infographics, social media management and more.
Yes, Help Me Recharge My Brand
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